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pga with stupeedo
ROFB on Monday November 9, 2009
Unfair players. DO not allow fights for positions under him or pretty close to Gronamox...
olkainry38 on Wednesday May 20, 2009
made the same experience as "the shocker". he honored my 3rd place at a time i had 4th with half his stacks. he is very honest and plays fair.
jugdop on Saturday May 2, 2009
This rascist Aussie faggot sticks his tongue into sheep assholes. He loves it. He ingest the poop also. Please kill yourself Owen the Worthless. FUCK YOU
The Mad Cadder on Sunday April 26, 2009
He's cool.
Dice-K on Sunday April 26, 2009
dumb motherfucker.
himsa on Sunday April 26, 2009
Rude, angry cheater. PGA: peddy + Owen_the_Great. Even though they PGA they still lose so they get angry and leave bullshit comment on profile. Sad. Cheating losers. No honor, PGA asshole.
DanstoncuI on Monday March 2, 2009
nice player
peddy on Monday March 2, 2009
Good guy. When he was at my mercy said he was going for 3rd so I left him. He honored it after having 2nd.
tHE sHOCKeR on Saturday February 14, 2009
One of the very few players with a sense of humor.
sosti on Wednesday January 14, 2009
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