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nice player, fair play,
Adolfo Machado on Sunday December 11, 2011
nice guy, finished a tourney with him
foo foo on Sunday April 10, 2011
PGA with Huurre
bluff or not? on Friday December 17, 2010
good player
megaprosper on Wednesday September 22, 2010
unbelievably slimmy, low class, dirtbag. I can't believe you had that much dishonor to do that...what a slimeball, show some integrity, honor and class. I can't believe you would do that to another player, no respect or gamemanship? come on man, show some character.
ChooseTheRight on Thursday September 2, 2010
nice player
archnemesis on Thursday August 12, 2010
Fun player!
vIRGI on Sunday July 25, 2010
I flagged to _pascal_ earlier in the game and he flagged out to give me 2nd because he felt I deserved it. Don't find sportsmanly behaviour like that on here very often at all. Great player! :)
Diado on Sunday July 4, 2010
trustworthy and skilled player.
AIfons on Wednesday May 12, 2010
i think he had a pga with eremik
jasse11 on Saturday May 8, 2010
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