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Recognized on 6:23 PM, Tuesday January 20, 2015 EST by integral
always a pleasure playing games with him, great strategist and all around good guy. probably a great drinking buddy.
Recognized on 12:10 AM, Tuesday June 12, 2012 EDT by KDICEMOD
Great Avatars

This player has been modded by the community

week is over +play jurgen 2:10 PM, Tuesday January 21, 2014 EST
stop helping shad, he says he doesn't need it. oh and happy new year xxx -play jurgen 11:34 AM, Tuesday December 31, 2013 EST
unbanned, and sorry for cursing on your wall +play jurgen 1:34 AM, Wednesday July 4, 2012 EDT
bullshit pga tourney -play jurgen 7:36 PM, Saturday June 30, 2012 EDT
Time served. Please do not share accounts, etc. +changeAvatar +play Bone-Roller 8:47 PM, Monday October 3, 2011 EDT
Talk Restored. +chat +post MadHat_Sam 11:29 AM, Thursday September 23, 2010 EDT
Enforcement of the Bone-Roller doctrine - shared Mike_oxBIG account with Zoid -changeAvatar -chat -play -post Bone-Roller 3:57 PM, Friday August 27, 2010 EDT
While cute, not appropriate. Don't use it again. Thanks! +changeAvatar Vermont 6:46 PM, Thursday June 3, 2010 EDT
You were already warned that if you used this av again you would lose your ability to change your avatar. -changeAvatar -avatar Vermont 7:28 PM, Monday May 24, 2010 EDT
User can not change avatars. Resetting to see if it helps him. +changeAvatar These cards suck 3:18 PM, Wednesday January 20, 2010 EST
User can not change avatars. Resetting to see if it helps him. -changeAvatar -avatar These cards suck 3:18 PM, Wednesday January 20, 2010 EST
Was already asked to remove this avatar. Use again and lose your ability to change avatars. -avatar Vermont 12:35 PM, Friday January 1, 2010 EST
No longer interested in collecting bans +play Holly Molly 5:07 PM, Thursday December 31, 2009 EST
Asked to be banned for few minutes based on the reason of collecting bans from all mods. longpube: i like to have all the mods ban me longpube: im collecting mods -play Holly Molly 4:52 PM, Thursday December 31, 2009 EST
Time Served +chat +play KDICEMOD 10:47 AM, Friday October 16, 2009 EDT
PGA with Dr. GayZoid in tourney -play for 7 days and -chat to make tourney play difficult -chat -play KDICEMOD 2:43 PM, Friday October 9, 2009 EDT
Douchbag cried like a noob to half the world before making a youtube video requesting play to be reinstated..... lol ... :) +play These cards suck 6:36 AM, Wednesday September 23, 2009 EDT
"mega douchebag -play for 1 day" -play These cards suck 6:45 PM, Tuesday September 22, 2009 EDT

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hairy bastard needs a shave!
dnaa on Saturday January 24, 2015
sweet icon bro pretty sure that is my ex
Dude111 on Wednesday January 21, 2015
Tiger Woods PGA on Tuesday December 30, 2014
Major douche Also a stabber
lulz123 on Monday December 15, 2014
PGA with liljohnson in members
Smoke Two Joints on Monday April 28, 2014
Plays fair and is considerate.
Rainbow Dash on Friday March 14, 2014
Tournament pga with dragonfly500
Somaks on Monday March 10, 2014
pga with monkey slayer
meme12 on Saturday February 1, 2014
douche playing wiener.
meckchate on Tuesday January 28, 2014
whiteknightent, said he was your alt? vowed pge for life to me. reading this page is confusing lol
roady38 on Friday December 7, 2012
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