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I'm sorry you're disappointed with the outcome of this game. I hope the next one is more satisfying
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Good and very honest player
fluxboxer on Sunday August 18, 2013
nevermind haha
luckylat333x on Saturday March 24, 2012
fair player
aldous on Tuesday March 13, 2012
If your here to leave a bad review. Just know - I will find you. Shove a long medal stick up your ass, so it comes out your left nostril. Then, ill find you again, and just beat the living shit out of you. Oh and in addition to the above..your monther is overweight!
CalmDownBro on Tuesday March 13, 2012
Incredibly nice and outstandingly smart. Definitely worth playing with in a game and even more to have as a friend.
ji-jo on Monday March 12, 2012
a btich, not respect flags!
tty_csu on Sunday March 11, 2012
Both talented and fun to play with. Great Tourney, mate.
THOGA2 on Saturday March 10, 2012
Ducks and Puppies are friends!
greeen on Thursday March 8, 2012
Matt has a serious crush!!!! Here is our guy!
ehervey on Saturday February 25, 2012
nice player. -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
CuteKittens on Thursday February 23, 2012
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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