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I kicked his ass he belived gonna win the 1 but i crhused him and he almost cry very funy after saw the bad reviews
luxsolis on Tuesday July 6, 2010
ovbogaert on Thursday June 17, 2010
nice player, fun to game with, plays very smart and enjoys the game :)
Deep Haze on Monday June 14, 2010
nice guy, fun game
spn on Tuesday May 25, 2010
Good sport, good player.
Capt. Z on Friday May 21, 2010
Your actually going to pge me for leaving a (previous) bad review? Are you serious? Tell me when you grow up and I'll be happy to forget your disrespecting of flags and generally unfair play
Oodge on Saturday December 13, 2008
pga with ronpaul and wont respect flags
Lucky Loser on Thursday December 11, 2008
PGA with ronpaul. total fuck.
SnuggleSlut on Thursday December 11, 2008
kind of a sheisty player. if he flags to you then kill him anyways because he will try to usurp you later.
karamogo on Wednesday December 10, 2008
fucking piece of shit. cocksucker motherfucker
ram da on Saturday December 6, 2008
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