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PASKOV wrote
at 10:58 AM, Thursday July 23, 2009 EDT
bratle kak vse si v top 100 kakvi karti igraesh ?
NinjaPirate wrote
at 1:06 PM, Sunday May 31, 2009 EDT
damn point whore dumbass
Sixela wrote
at 12:38 AM, Saturday May 9, 2009 EDT
Lubo you just left... I hope I didn't make you angry or anything. If so, I'm sorry.
imanema wrote
at 1:07 PM, Saturday March 28, 2009 EDT
few more rules.

4. Order of flagging does not matter. If you two people have the same amount of land (or close up to 1), always do a roll off. I enforce this rule and expect the same. If you don't let me do a roll off, I will write you a bad review.
imanema wrote
at 12:56 PM, Saturday March 28, 2009 EDT
Some rules I follow.

1. If you attack me all game long, I will not respect your flag.

2. I don't truce. If you truce versus me, I will write you a bad review.

3. I always respect players. I never attack flagged players without reason and let people fight for position. Expect the same. If you don't respect me, don't respect my flag, or don't let me fight for position, then I will write you a bad review.
imanema wrote
at 10:56 PM, Wednesday March 25, 2009 EDT
I am a proud man and a proud fan of Levski. I may win, I may lose, but I always play to win and never give up till the end. I have been called different names, but never a cheater because I respect the game and always follow the rules. My dislikes include 2 verses 1 fights, wish there is some way to forbid them.
war dog847 wrote
at 10:01 PM, Friday February 27, 2009 EST
hypocrite ha ha
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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