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Pga during tourney with NextJ. Didn't honor flag. Possibly proxy account.
Bachus on Sunday July 5, 2015
shady cheater who helped stabber after i was long flagged to him
estan leban on Friday July 3, 2015
Got a proxy account and plays pga with himself. Asshole
landi on Saturday March 14, 2015
came here to say pga with daanyo11, and then I notice I'm not the first to see it
JUSTcallmePRE on Thursday August 7, 2014
maybe worth playing against just for the hilarious reviews he leaves - funny guy, but not much fun to play against
latrans on Friday February 15, 2013
This is one of Mar101's proxy accounts. Sorry Mar but you are an epic piece of shit playing like this. Stop being a cocksucker and we can be friends again.
TheBetterYodel on Tuesday February 12, 2013
pga with iva 09 flags then attacks
glasssource on Friday February 1, 2013
confimed pga with iva09
OviloN on Tuesday January 22, 2013
manipulates or PGA in tourney
k diva on Saturday January 12, 2013
PGA confirmed. iva09, daanyo11, and marcosmarco
Fingerbib on Friday January 11, 2013
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