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One of the best towels I have ever been wrapped in....sure he was suffocating me to death at the time but damn you gotsta appreciate that fabric blend.
Distorted on Tuesday July 12, 2016
He was a good towel. Then one day he got stoned and just started wandering...
Macally Callkin on Tuesday April 19, 2016
A good opponent, played an enjoyable game against him.
ShaPhi7 on Thursday March 31, 2016
Ignis Mortis on Wednesday February 17, 2016
Awww sung wrote you a review but not me that's sad. Where's mine? We truced in 2 games and he throws a fit and calls us pga when there's only 3 players left. He's turning into me! I had my reason to pge him. His bullshit in round 1 of that tourney. Course he leaves that part out. As for spirit. He pge him too idk why. But sung isn't very liked by anybody for the trucing. now when people truce against him it's pga. He does it to us and it's okay. But God forbid it happens against him!
Lalita Lani on Thursday February 4, 2016
back to back games PGA with Lalita Lani in tourney. http://kdice.com/games/73357652 http://kdice.com/games/73357703
sung2323 on Wednesday February 3, 2016
friendly fair player
Grux on Tuesday January 26, 2016
boring fellow
DoobiusMalcor on Sunday April 12, 2015
kill this faggot on sight -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
ilphae on Wednesday March 18, 2015
Fun and honost player. Lives nearby 2 skiresorts! 8-)
DutchBastard on Thursday March 5, 2015
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