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CillMatic on Tuesday June 11, 2013
this guy called me lucky when he has luck stats of 53%, and I have luck of 49.9% Anyways I beat him/her
dogmonkey on Sunday June 9, 2013
pga with imGO
thatismine on Sunday June 9, 2013
Hey. Fatman and Mrs.M are both out of their minds.I like the way you play.Don' take any notice of those two dicklickers ok.
peterpeter on Thursday May 30, 2013
Najveci peder na ovom sajtu.
@SKaradeg on Tuesday May 21, 2013
backstabs but very weak -- doesn't really matter
sliponmypoo on Monday May 20, 2013
I don't leave many reviews but this special asshole is going to get one. I would advise everyone to kill this backstabber first chance they get. FUCK YOU NOVA!!!!
Easy A on Sunday May 19, 2013
Needs to stop taking attacks personally and calling everyone retards. Look at your own game.
SweetLikeCandy on Thursday May 16, 2013
:) just a game
novajlija on Sunday May 12, 2013
lol - do not attack - he will take it personally
am I on Sunday May 12, 2013
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