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Rage1313, please unban my account, its been a while, i wont be rude anymore. I hope u let me enjoy this game again. thank you
kojisvista on Saturday June 29, 2013
yohann2008sex has an incredibly offensive avatar, please remove. Also, where are complaints supposed to be filed?
Jane Doe on Saturday May 25, 2013
He is the worst.
@SKaradeg on Monday February 4, 2013
Rage, I am also known as Hemingway, a player you rightfully banned for trolling and such on Xsketch a week or two ago. I just wanted to apologize and ask if you could possibly unban Hemingway. I haven't even visited Xsketch since then, except to look for you to say this to you directly, and my behavior on kdice since has been mature and more than acceptable. I understand if you don't want to unban me yet, if ever, but if you do (for what this is worth) I will take it as a "last chance" type of thing, where any ban that might come in the future (it wouldn't, but hypothetically) would be the last one. I wouldn't even ask to be unbanned. So anyway, please consider it, and if you could be so kind as to find me or post your decision on this account's reviews, I would be grateful. Thanks for your time.
Bernard Rieux on Wednesday January 16, 2013
hi rage its been 1 month u blocked my account now please open it there will be no more cheating i promise please open
@ubaidhussain on Wednesday September 21, 2011
rage i have somthing for u... u banned @khan2zaid, now he is using another account @khan34zaid, and he has not played even a single game with me, but wrote reviews on my id. one more thing, @silentkiller and @khan34zaid are also same users.
@engr_shan on Wednesday August 10, 2011
Rage is a wonderful guy! and a beast, so watch out :P!!
Amber Dyer on Saturday May 21, 2011
a very fair and honorable guy ... Keep at it!!!
wikingbulwai on Sunday January 23, 2011
ignores flags will kill you and betray flag when he gets advantage
K-Man on Saturday November 6, 2010
Total jerk. Ruined my game.
Djangoo on Tuesday October 26, 2010
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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