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you are the worst player i have ever seen on this game. you dont respect flags wen you give them (stabber) and when i am in 1st and dont accept a flag, you stab me. not your call. no respect. wrthless player!
ctrain on Sunday February 17, 2013
confirm backstabber
dzo on Sunday February 17, 2013
asian gook cant read
death-2-beepa on Sunday February 10, 2013
good player - lived up to commitment
crzywabbit on Wednesday January 30, 2013
pga with crzywabbit dont accept flags!
MaxMusterman on Wednesday January 30, 2013
what an asshole
Sejo Vilic on Monday January 28, 2013
pga guy
NoName8801 on Sunday January 20, 2013
stupid ass of an alt ! real flags disprespecting idiot ! not trustable - says its north vs south and then kills his trucepartner - absolutely bs-player and not worth to play with
Mrs. M on Sunday March 18, 2012
i thought asian girls give happy ending, you are disappointing this was not happy at all. same as before everyone, whole table flagged and it picked everyone off one by one, even real flagged players.
Nessied on Sunday March 18, 2012
what an asshole ! We can't trust him !!! Don't ever trust !!! Never never nver !!!
sundabeam on Sunday March 18, 2012
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