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This player has been modded by the community

. +play BigDaddyKane 8:36 PM, Tuesday September 9, 2014 EDT
Banned at own request - any mod may unban at any time -play Bone-Roller 2:59 PM, Wednesday August 25, 2010 EDT
ok time served +chat Rowdyazell 12:32 PM, Wednesday August 25, 2010 EDT
N word is not acceptable -chat Rowdyazell 12:25 PM, Wednesday August 25, 2010 EDT

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He is an OK player, but he sucked my friend's dick, so my friend likes him on a personal level.
Philly_SWAT on Saturday August 14, 2010
ditto on the pga
doczee30 on Thursday August 12, 2010
What more can I add to the other reviews - extremely poor player with a bad attitude
Contador on Sunday June 20, 2010
Always cries when he loses a fair game. Think he doesnt understand the game.
FackFuce on Wednesday April 29, 2009
Pathetic little player...
deGeile on Wednesday April 22, 2009
Doesnt respect flags at all.
Neurotrash on Friday April 17, 2009
doesnt respect flags.. backstapper
link4 on Sunday March 29, 2009
good player .. tough fighter .. sorry I didn't see the flag earlier
WanderingBuddha on Monday March 16, 2009
learn to play
_BLizZaRd_ on Monday March 16, 2009
Rasenheizung on Friday March 6, 2009
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