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The Ownergizer Bunny
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Vsync: wassup whores Vsync: people used to talk Vsync: noone talks anymore Vsync: any bitches to flag? Vsync: who wants to be my bitch? Vsync: zest are u a bitch?
Zest on Sunday October 4, 2020
Same experience as AoA below. Seems to be a teenager that throws tantrums to make up for his lack of knowledge about the game.
WillDeed on Sunday August 25, 2019
loses everytime and than blames people all the time. he actually spends hours to follow me just to blame. get a fucking job
AoA on Sunday August 18, 2019
dont respect flags
Pedeeer on Thursday June 2, 2011
Awsome american dude, gd to see so many gd reviews for this guy!
Brewer480 on Wednesday May 5, 2010
Fair player
Enzyme on Sunday May 2, 2010
I like playing with him. Produces a good game. Has a big penis. =) Just speculation.
MisfitMutt on Friday April 23, 2010
Good player!
Ninja Fish on Saturday April 17, 2010
measles27 on Sunday March 7, 2010
knows the meaning of respect, nice to play against him.
zappa on Tuesday March 2, 2010
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