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Before you believe anything that is on this wall read the other players walls first. -Juicy
juicyj6789 on Monday October 17, 2011
PGA: juicyj6789 + AI91.
fvtmamjq on Monday October 17, 2011
who are you? besides a guy thats always talking about sucking cock?
suckymods on Sunday October 2, 2011
Fun player. (Cheat code is up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, B, A)
Bart Lee on Wednesday June 15, 2011
Fair player, can be trusted.
Czester on Friday June 3, 2011
all game this guy talked about blowing dudes its pretty gross juicyj6789: ICANT WAIT TO SUCK THIS GUY COCK TONIGHT juicyj6789: i love it when guys lick my ass juicyj6789: why do you think they call me juicyj! juicyj6789: ever been snowballed? juicyj6789: whats the problem? cant we talk about stuff like that here?
kaneda_z on Wednesday April 29, 2009
fucking bastard. burn in hell you farming jackass.
beepa on Sunday September 21, 2008
Doesn't respect flags.
RandomOunce on Sunday September 21, 2008
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