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fizteh_john on Friday May 20, 2011
Had only one land left and thought it was fun to fuck another player who was fighting 1/2. She knew she had no chance, but it is her way of "fun" making it impossible to get first for others -----> kill her asap XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX After this review she wrote one to me and said that she has won "several games" with one land against ten^^ And all this in pseudo well-considered words and in an arrogant way. Feels much too wise for her 21 years, isn't as clever as she thinks...
roque ja on Wednesday June 16, 2010
A fair player and fun to chat with :)
carro on Tuesday June 15, 2010
nice player, fun to game with ;) much respect
Deep Haze on Monday June 14, 2010
crazy motherfucker
ram da on Wednesday December 3, 2008
duoniks1 on Tuesday December 2, 2008
don't respect flags
Hans-Werner on Wednesday November 26, 2008
This guy is a coward
Cloud7 on Tuesday November 25, 2008
Really nice person with nice knowledge of cross country skiing ^_^ big plus!!
Cherek on Sunday November 23, 2008
Fair player and fun to chat with while playing :-)
canuckster on Thursday November 20, 2008
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