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good attitude
Prof Chaos on Wednesday September 26, 2012
asshole. big asshole
tommyHH on Friday March 12, 2010
not very intelligent
grandgnu on Sunday February 14, 2010
asshole player.
John Milton on Sunday January 3, 2010
Good player and epic battler!
Purp Tard on Monday December 21, 2009
Your reviews say it all. You are building quite a reputation....
EddyB on Friday December 18, 2009
Played a fair game with me. took a -100 point hit to do the right thing !
kplayr on Thursday December 17, 2009
doesn´t respect flags in order to help his PGA! watch out.
OviloN on Tuesday December 15, 2009
PGA. tried to pga with another player, other player refused his pga, then he accused me of pga during the game because i was the early leader, he ended up winning the game
darworth on Sunday December 13, 2009
total douche. i flagged him and was fighting for 3rd. when his buddy jauntypg was in trouble, he starts attacking me to give jauntypg the lead.
dzubear on Saturday December 5, 2009
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