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Good fair friendly player
Killroy on Wednesday January 25, 2017
Good guy, true to his word!
>Rebel< on Monday December 19, 2016
nice fair player to be friends with
cwistophr on Sunday June 20, 2010
response: lol what are you talking about? don't be a cry baby when you lose. it's just a game. get a life. you wrote: Anti American - it's fine to have your beliefs, it's fine to express them, but it's just a game. Get a life.
KuDec on Thursday June 17, 2010
Ramen, my noodley brother, ramen.
Zabbo on Monday June 14, 2010
very bad player, flagged 3rd and attacked other players, cause he's to stupid to flag 2nd...
Katse on Sunday June 13, 2010
big fan of gangbanging...cant win on his own
offbrand on Thursday June 3, 2010
likes to gangbang / backstab the strongest player together with 2 mates and thinks this is good strategy - whatever in my humble opinion I would rather call it cowardish hyena type play and prefer players with respect, when a 1 / 2 fight is going on ... jb66: enjoy the payback :) play_mate: :))) jb66: wow i will enjoy, next time we meet
play_mate on Thursday June 3, 2010
a total douche bag
kdicefreak on Sunday September 7, 2008
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