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backstabb and nazi
Revoltechs on Monday August 13, 2012
ChenzZ on Saturday August 4, 2012
PGa and backstabber
Steinii on Sunday June 10, 2012
PGA: Emirates + Ebson. When they lose, both Emirates and Ebson say racist things against Asian people, African Americans and people of the Hebrew Faith. Severe anger issues. If you find yourself in a map with Ebson or Emirates, just leave. They will flag early and backstab you. If you beat their asses like I did they will write bullshit on your review page. Best to avoid fucking assholes like Ebson and EMirates.
Mr Pedo on Friday May 13, 2011
Very good player and respectable.
WillyWanka on Friday July 30, 2010
omg, dont play against him, he has crazy luck, something like 80%, he won every roll on our table...
Salo Pege? on Friday March 5, 2010
Good player, and sory for the last bad comment.
Isidoro on Monday March 9, 2009
isidoro, above review is lie. he is very good player to play with.honor ^ ^
aida-ludens on Monday March 9, 2009
i enjoy playing against him sportsmanlike
broilking on Saturday February 28, 2009
doesn't respect flags.
>Username< on Saturday February 28, 2009
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