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Rush - Roll the bones
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Not accepting a flag is not stabbing. lvl 45 and u still don't know this?
rednttautology on Tuesday April 30, 2013
not a good player
bob_3 on Friday November 16, 2012
I did not accept your flag, that is different
tte on Saturday October 6, 2012
pls reconsider your comment...
menthon on Thursday September 20, 2012
Pokemon Trainer on Monday July 30, 2012
Thanks for the nice comment, after i helped you vs a backstabber...
Gr4pe on Thursday July 5, 2012
Bog nudist
rtgsth on Monday June 25, 2012
Played nicely, respected flag, and hardflagged before growing to keep his flag place
Thormidable on Friday June 22, 2012
idiot bad player delte acc fuck you beybi homo. www.-R30-.homo.com
bivo on Saturday June 2, 2012
Total dick, moron, and backstabber.
BDKx on Thursday May 10, 2012
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