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Time served. +play Bone-Roller 4:13 PM, Friday August 13, 2010 EDT
PGA with JebusCripes - 1 week suspension -play Bone-Roller 2:11 PM, Thursday August 5, 2010 EDT

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He doesn't respect flags when it suits him.
kainesh on Wednesday March 9, 2011
doesn't respect flag
lamauny on Thursday February 17, 2011
Backstabber. PGA with stabiliti
pepetvermell on Tuesday December 14, 2010
most dis honest k dice fck...will flag to you, tell you to fight through him, take back his flag and attack you. way to be a class A prick.
OH Yoshimi on Saturday November 27, 2010
Honest bloke, gg man! ;)
Crapface on Wednesday November 24, 2010
Last time I checked Peres, taking 4 of my lands after I flag gives me the right to do whatever I want.
JonZer18 on Sunday November 21, 2010
first flagging then attack
Pereschfrem on Sunday November 21, 2010
can't read a board
NoobKing on Thursday November 18, 2010
Nice guy :D
chubonu on Monday November 15, 2010
asshole. pga with GoGonzalez
TheONLYprophet on Monday November 15, 2010
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