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Lucas Barbosa de, Did not write anything on your review prior to your writing on mine, as you are not a very good player and appear to take my attacking your areas as a personal attack. You were the strongest of my neighbors, you were the logical one to attack. I hope your play improves. I look forward to playing you again and seeing if you have grown at all. Have a great KDice Day.
TekManiac on Sunday July 1, 2012
Just lives to ruin others games and reviews. kill him asap. Asshole!!
Lucas Barbosa on Sunday July 1, 2012
delightful photo
crzywabbit on Sunday June 17, 2012
Decent player - you had bad luck in that last game, but well fought! Good guy.
Warlord Varl on Sunday June 17, 2012
just lives to ruin others games and reviews. kill him asap.
lfuss on Friday June 15, 2012
first off the negative comments on this players review are freaking hilarious! +1 for that, also this guy is a really awesome player. Plays fair and doesn't start nonsense like a lot of the people here.
szilla211 on Saturday June 9, 2012
Good guy. Had a great game with him.
ahimsa7 on Sunday May 6, 2012
good fun to play with. good player too!
baz cake on Sunday February 26, 2012
dude, i wrote just that i dont like you, you answer with "retarded"..... well you want it retarded? Let me level with you - here you go: give me your adress you motherfucking bastard. i dare you, do it. i'd spend the flight just to put you away. bet your parents are a pig and an ape. i'll help you and mash your face til it matches your shitty iq. you stupid dumbfuck piece of crap. go fuck yourself!!! --- --- also +1 "faggot" "moron" "idiot". --- last but not least, he might be honorable usually, i dont know, i dont care, he's just a first grade dumbfuck moron. ---- you play since january, bet you got finally internet in your poor chicken village in USA, and now you enjoy the possibility to be a dumbfuck online, without the risk to get your face messed up for beeing a retarded nerdy child. well .. enjoy your lowlife kid. --- also a possible alt? or coincidence.. "diemichi" seen a couple times with him on 50/100 tables screwing people and sitting out. Do you like now my review? I'm not from Finland, idiot ;-)
beastlysniper16 on Saturday August 13, 2011
worst player ever
Clay Shapiro on Tuesday May 3, 2011
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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