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PGA with shoi
tntviper1 on Thursday December 22, 2011
He was flagged third, I was flagged second... he killed me anyway.
Lord Death on Saturday September 18, 2010
doesn't respect flags
UnlceSlappy on Thursday September 2, 2010
Pussy, goes for the weak guys that are already fighting rather than standing up to someone his size!
Brewer480 on Saturday July 17, 2010
well all of his reviews are negative and i will just say This guy does not respect flags, and i hope he gets banned! UNTRUSTWORTHY It would be nice to see him respect flags!
WestCoast on Thursday December 24, 2009
What a douchebag - got involved in a 3rd vs 4th flag when he was 2nd. Decided to attack the person in 3rd.
chrisizme on Tuesday September 22, 2009
what a idiot! doesnt respect anything!!!
Murmadamus on Saturday January 31, 2009
Flagged whenever he lost dominance in the game ... plays for points
FlagEater on Thursday January 29, 2009
fucking idiot, suicides
ultimata85 on Thursday January 29, 2009
no respect for flags, just attacking
PimpMyDice on Saturday January 3, 2009
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