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Well, Sticks. You commented a review I gave you in 2013...I'm sorry to say I don't remember what was happening that time so I wrote that review - it's been 4 years ago.... in fact I remember good games, and I truly don't remember what was going wrong that past game. So maybe we both can forget that comment... I prefer to say "welcome back, Sticks, good to see you again :-)" Beside that: I didn't say I'd hate you in that review!
Mrs. M on Thursday March 9, 2017
clever player
Grux on Thursday March 9, 2017
Generous will providing a kill at the end of a duel :)
Noobie on Wednesday August 28, 2013
ignores chat and flags...and gives people BS reviews. What a dick!
Matttt on Tuesday July 16, 2013
Nice player, good sport.
Louis Cypher on Friday July 5, 2013
Nice guy !
cudi on Sunday April 14, 2013
how haughty!
izadi2001 on Tuesday March 12, 2013
Please read the reviews of those who post bad reviews. I stand up against the cheats and nasty players and get some grief from the idiots. It makes me a target sometimes.
SticksStones on Saturday March 9, 2013
backstabbed the shit out of me. do not trust ever
Dibidibida on Saturday March 9, 2013
stop talking shit and learn to play
seeb on Saturday March 9, 2013
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