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I'm hoping this device will cure my remembering. I'm 87% sure I invented it.
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Recognized on 4:43 PM, Tuesday April 7, 2015 EDT by integral
Always a pleasure to talk to in chat, and a great example of how to not take this game so seriously. Thanks for all your contributions to the site.

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So nice player!
eljavi on Tuesday July 23, 2019
really good guy
MrGreenWood on Monday July 22, 2019
PGA with Secret Powers
Chance777 on Wednesday November 25, 2015
Ever been on a road trip with some friends and there's this one weird friend of a friend that is tagging along. The trip starts off as usual with everyone having fun like they used to. Then this obnoxious stranger starts complaining about the loud music in the car. A bit later he asks to close all the windows because HE is the only one who thinks it's too cold with the windows open. After that the driver is asked to drive a bit slower because the new guy is the only one to think he's driving a bit too fast. Then he complains that some of the jokes people make are too rude. It's no surprise that such a shitty person isn't invited for a second trip. PS: it was fun to find out later that 2 non-Kdicers hated your obnoxious guts and wanted to kick you out a week earlier.
jurgen on Sunday September 6, 2015
talking nice, but playing untrue. do not trust him! :-(
Terkal on Friday September 4, 2015
unreasonable and disrespectful
Roguerunner on Saturday June 6, 2015
cool player
Sabala on Monday June 1, 2015
Cameron Lucas on Tuesday May 19, 2015
Where would we be without apignarb. A+++ would ebay again
Pursey on Monday May 11, 2015
Nice guy and nice to talk with
pawellogrd on Thursday March 19, 2015
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