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A dick. The kind of player that will ruin his own game just to ruin yours with no reason... Pathetic.
orenf on Monday September 12, 2011
Decent player
Peltsi on Tuesday July 26, 2011
PGA WITH TriG8 AND tombones
celta on Thursday May 5, 2011
not just a flags-then-kills-you player but also kills-when-you-flag if he doesnt deem you "worthy" to play out the rest of the game.
kelevatormusic on Wednesday April 13, 2011
flagin and canceling dlags when situationa is changed. asshole
nurek on Sunday January 9, 2011
ask peaple to whi mte a rewiew for him watch out..
Ego_Revolution on Sunday January 9, 2011
Funny guy, and decent to play against. Gib meine fahrad zuruck!
Cutting Machine on Sunday January 9, 2011
very nice player, its a pleasure to play with him :D
Lucky_Skillz on Sunday January 9, 2011
pretty much what everybody else has said, flags and waits, then stabs you in the back
adamski75 on Monday December 20, 2010
will flag you then kill you first chance he gets. He'll be a cocky prick about it too
Cole Borsch on Monday December 20, 2010
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