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abusive language...yet again -chat -play -post jurgen 7:38 PM, Wednesday November 11, 2015 EST
Time served. If another incident happens chat ability will be revoked for the term of 6 months +chat +post These cards suck 8:38 PM, Thursday October 1, 2009 EDT
Foul and Obscene Language towards other players. -chat -post These cards suck 9:44 PM, Tuesday August 18, 2009 EDT
Has been a month, time served. +chat +post KDICEMOD 8:07 AM, Monday July 27, 2009 EDT
very abusive in-game chat -chat -post JulesDogg 6:31 AM, Monday April 27, 2009 EDT

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Very unpleasant to play with...disrespects flags, insults other players and so on...just for points in an online dice game. What a loser!
Puzzi on Friday October 30, 2015
I love him.
GoldBadger on Friday August 7, 2015
Completely abusive language. Doesn't understand the game. Cries and whines!
arkenkor on Thursday July 16, 2015
lovely little baby boy who knows a lot of bad language!
Grux on Friday April 3, 2015
Racist bastard. Abusive chat.
Fingerbib on Friday April 3, 2015
Plays greedy and doesn't respect flags. PKs for no reason whatsoever.
Varelsa on Sunday January 11, 2015
Blatant stabber. He was sandwiched and asked me to sit for 2nd. I agreed. When he started losing the battle for 1st, he turned and killed me.
The AntiTruce on Tuesday December 9, 2014
horrible play
Tiger Woods PGA on Tuesday December 9, 2014
good player! very fair!
juan_sanz on Friday November 14, 2014
And Therius, if you called me to my face, the crap that you typed, you would in fact be bleeding. Why do you little douchenozzles think you can insult others with no consequences?
irishrugby on Saturday July 19, 2014
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