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The revolution lives on not in words to live for it, but in one's heart to die for it
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pga with alex_sfb
Borrie on Wednesday July 31, 2013
hardcore backstabber
only hehe on Saturday July 6, 2013
Shit player, truces in round 2. Kill first. PGA's as well.
besamiculo on Monday November 5, 2012
Dirty backstabber, NEVER trust his word, never accept his flag.
voodooer on Sunday November 4, 2012
Continuously honours flags. :)
Rowen on Friday July 13, 2012
thanks for the defense. i do admit that i get a little overly upset when something like that happens. which is why i generally try not to pay more than two games in a row. :)
do good anyway on Saturday May 12, 2012
thanks, i appreciated you breaking that dead lock. but felt you deserved more. your one of the good guys
NacMacFeegle on Thursday July 14, 2011
Great person to be in a game with. Knows how to play and gives a good challenge
S0047 on Monday November 1, 2010
doesnt' accept flags!
Phippu on Saturday October 9, 2010
Seems so passionate about the game, yet so cool when he draws the bottom line afterwards.
wawoo on Monday August 23, 2010
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