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napoleon dyn

honor who honor diservs
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good and fair player, to bad didnt reach the top 100 this month
orland on Thursday June 30, 2011
dont flag him, he fucks u
Adam Candee on Monday June 27, 2011
during a game we was to come in second after all agreements ....then he broke his word. He began attacking me after I he had flagged. Be careful playing him!
johnboy35633 on Sunday January 9, 2011
fair player!
Laudan on Wednesday August 11, 2010
Absolute asshole.
Egad on Monday August 9, 2010
accepting flag then attack dont trust this fucked face
l33tZ on Friday July 23, 2010
Good player who fights until death.
Marxist on Thursday July 8, 2010
Honourable player.
Rowen on Saturday May 8, 2010
claims i pga troy and doesnt respect flags, gz you won a pge, hf moron
kekse on Wednesday February 17, 2010
i flaged him. he later on started to attack me without any cause at my fight for 6th/7th !!! unfair. simply that.
gagaga on Saturday August 29, 2009
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