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Backstabber. .... peace of shit.
expi on Friday January 7, 2011
PGA: 2nasty + gurrila warfare. (Either PGA or an Alt) I had issues with 2nasty and never played (or heard of) gurrila warfare until he wrote a negative comment on my profile. Turns out this asshat is 2nasty's bitch (PGA) or an alt (sock puppet). Judging from your level of cooperation in game and your use of vulgar language, my guess is that you are the same person. That or you were both born in the same barn. Sad. Get a life outside of kdice, you little bitches. Kono chikusho. Shinjimae, baka yaro.
eviIsamurai on Monday February 23, 2009
LoL The samurai queen is angry. No one needs to PGA to beat evilsamurai! She is a soft little cupcake. Gurrila Warfare is a good, fair player, and if you ever see us in a game together, you can bet that we're trying to kick each other ass. This game's about competing, not cheating and crying like a little bitch, samurai.
2nasty on Thursday February 19, 2009
Get your own nickname schmuck.
evilsamurai on Tuesday February 17, 2009
good player. fair
nofx on Tuesday February 10, 2009
worst player ever doesn't belive in flags or letting people fight for place
bobbyjones1 on Sunday February 1, 2009
attacks flagged players
MarquisDaniels on Sunday January 18, 2009
decent player good man keeps his words
marcb on Friday January 2, 2009
total wanker
rife on Saturday December 27, 2008
and horse fucked
MacCoy on Friday December 26, 2008
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