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No more Mr nice Pooch!!
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pooch723 wrote
at 12:46 AM, Monday October 3, 2016 EDT
pooch723 wrote
at 8:39 AM, Friday September 25, 2015 EDT
pooch723 wrote
at 10:29 AM, Sunday May 3, 2015 EDT
pooch723 defeated 8v2, 23 to 6, (3,1,3,1,4,2,5,4 to 5,1...........how da hell did dis happen?
pooch723 wrote
at 8:40 AM, Monday January 2, 2012 EST

Virlomi defeated 4v8, 21 to 20, (4,6,5,6 to 6,3,1,2,1,1,5,1)
pooch723 wrote
at 7:54 PM, Sunday September 11, 2011 EDT
+140 for 2nd and +273 for dominance)
Rank: 153rd Score: +413 to 3072◆.
pooch723 finishes 2nd in round 23

pooch723 wrote
at 6:31 PM, Friday August 12, 2011 EDT
(+140 for 2nd and +261 for dominance)
Rank: 39th Score: +401 to 9156◆.
pooch723 finishes 2nd (forced resign) in round 23

very nice 2nd with the new system...4 stack table
vitaminu wrote
at 3:21 PM, Monday July 25, 2011 EDT
i need ur help !!!! please check my reviews and help if u can,,,thx
jurgen wrote
at 4:21 AM, Friday July 1, 2011 EDT
Well done with the medal. See that you can do it if you manage your points a bit.
barmat wrote
at 8:55 PM, Friday December 24, 2010 EST
merry christmas pooch, i hope it is a really fun time for you
pooch723 wrote
at 11:21 PM, Saturday April 18, 2009 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [2s, 4h]
pooch723 raises $875
Dealing flop: [As, 4d, 8d]
PATTIE CAKES bets $750
anteeeeeee#22 takes a seat
pooch723 calls
Dealing turn: [2h]
Dealing river: [Ks]
pooch723 shows [2s, 4h] for two pair, fours and twos
PATTIE CAKES shows [7c, 9h] for Ace high
pooch723 wins main pot $3,000
PATTIE CAKES wins side pot $150

this is my validation for the tourney at 1am est 4-19-09
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