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proxying and excessive swearing -chat -play -post jurgen 6:20 AM, Thursday November 20, 2014 EST

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I wanted to commend this man for coming out about his homosexuality in the chat box so freely and openly, it was a breath of fresh air on a subject none of us (straight people) know enough about, life as a homosexual male. When he first start touching on the subject in the chat I thought it was a troll job. Some idiot kid talking "gay" trying to get a laugh. However, after reading a bit I realized he was on the level and I really appreciated the indepth knowledge about the gay world he shared with us. While some of it was vulgar and not meant for all ages, it was enlightning to find out more about life as a homosexual. I support his right to get married to his soul mate Dan and hope GOD blesses both of them.
donik on Tuesday June 25, 2013
This player leaves bad reviews randomly. Worst than that, they are composed entirely of poor grammar and atrocious sentence structure. A remedial English class specifically suited to those with a learning disability is probably in order. I seriously doubt the child has the mental capacity to go far in life, but we do need people to serve us our fast food and occupy the trailer parks. I think he'll fill both roles nicely. Cheers.
Nyxon on Tuesday April 9, 2013
pga with mar101
TheBetterYodel on Sunday February 10, 2013
Him and his mother make fisting and scat videos together
I Pitty The Fool on Thursday January 24, 2013
cry baby
burcin on Sunday January 20, 2013
manipulating or PGA in tourney
k diva on Saturday January 12, 2013
Skezy is very cranky. Bad Skeezus.
Prof Chaos on Tuesday January 8, 2013
Good Player! Smart and honorable
Donnie13 on Friday January 4, 2013
as skeezy as his name. odd obsession with urine.
I Kant on Thursday January 3, 2013
this guy is a scumbag
jiminykickit on Thursday January 3, 2013
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