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flagged me and killed me, big asshole!
The_Gel on Friday April 2, 2010
learn how to play idiot
TolorL on Friday January 22, 2010
fair player, strong sense of honour
wishper on Friday January 15, 2010
flagging early to all mighty neighbours isn't a heroic deed
mainda on Monday December 28, 2009
seemes to be a nice and fair player!
Cluny on Thursday December 24, 2009
Complained when he flagged to one player and another that he was planning to attack beat him to the punch. Sore loser.
TekManiac on Saturday July 11, 2009
man of his word.
Dancomono on Tuesday June 9, 2009
Attacked me after I flagged. Then he wiped me out. He said he did it because he wanted another player to get 2nd, even though they hadn't flagged...
xigg on Sunday April 5, 2009
a backstabbing prick.. says his cool and that he goes for a lower place and when I move away he backstabs!!
Andro66 on Monday March 16, 2009
nice player :)
bazik on Monday February 23, 2009
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