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Russia rules all!!!!!!
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backstabbed me for NO reason when he had first secured. Don't trust.
Wilky on Thursday February 9, 2012
doesn't get it
zaaaannnnnn on Monday December 12, 2011
reviewed me : doesnt respect flags, pga, an asshole after a 2vs2, what a moron
JEBL on Thursday November 17, 2011
Closeted self-hating homosexual. Sore loser. Whines a lot.
gtalum on Thursday October 20, 2011
pga'd...Also started cursing for no reason. Really there should be some limit for people like this in KDice, they make the game ugly
Zard0z on Tuesday October 18, 2011
don't trust... what a jerk. -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
MilitarySon on Tuesday October 18, 2011
MightyRussian on Saturday October 15, 2011
see below...Keeley says the truth
CillMatic on Saturday October 15, 2011
pga w/ other russians - they dont even hide it they speak russian the whole time, don't attack each other then stab people who are a threat to any of the others - they should all be banned
Keeley on Saturday October 15, 2011
see below
@silentkiller48 on Thursday August 4, 2011
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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