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This player has been modded by the community

inapropriate avitar violating site rules reset only as a warning after asking player to change it. -avatar Rob S. 11:22 AM, Saturday November 7, 2009 EST
Sexually explicit avatar -avatar skrumgaer 5:25 PM, Monday October 26, 2009 EDT
Ban lifted. +changeAvatar mystery man 6:45 PM, Monday March 23, 2009 EDT
Disrespectful avatar containing obscene language. Uploading abilities removed for a period of time due to repeated offenses. -changeAvatar -avatar mystery man 9:49 PM, Friday March 20, 2009 EDT
This has been removed before, please do not put it up again or your avatar abilities may be removed. -avatar Marice 1:24 AM, Saturday February 28, 2009 EST
inappropriate pic -avatar misst56 4:51 PM, Sunday September 21, 2008 EDT

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bad player, doesnt respect flags!!
Acis55 on Thursday July 7, 2011
probably gay
Ssaraa on Saturday June 25, 2011
flagged under him and he took me out. Ban him again.
Rogman on Wednesday April 13, 2011
ban this shit
PerfectI on Tuesday March 29, 2011
a retarded fucking noob with no skills, just random attacks to fuck the nearest player.
JAwesome on Friday January 28, 2011
rly bad player
marcusao on Wednesday June 9, 2010
Doesnt respect flags at all probably. My flag for sure.
Jozio0506 on Tuesday April 13, 2010
doesnt respect flags
jalco on Sunday April 11, 2010
bad player
sweetyyy on Sunday March 28, 2010
douche bag
Icarus86 on Sunday December 27, 2009
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