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pga with IQ
avigdor on Sunday November 21, 2021
Stupid idiot
kamikaze Mike on Wednesday November 10, 2021
manumanumanu on Saturday March 25, 2017
silly guy have no iq
RuoRuo on Thursday June 25, 2009
Absolute Prick!
The Might One on Wednesday June 24, 2009
Well it is already clear from the reviews that this kid is a noob, but also a retarded fag. Doesn't take my flag because i attacked him in a previous game?!?!? Not even joking, no backstab, nothing shady at all. PGEs me because I merely attacked him. Repay him by not taking his flags please.
Pounder on Wednesday June 24, 2009
doesn't understand the basic concepts of this game. fyi...flagging to someone is not the same as trucing to them.
Kaylin on Saturday June 20, 2009
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo silly boy... noob and noob and always noob...
Mööki on Thursday June 18, 2009
really silly, making game last as long as it could last waiting all the time to end of his turn, because he countered and then he flagged, when it was too late
Liptak on Tuesday June 9, 2009
uckin idiot doesnt respects flag and is a douche please beat him when ever you can
Firebirdkiller on Sunday May 31, 2009
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