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!!!! BAD PLAYER !!!! worse person. Direct quote "All 40 thousand people killed by the IDF in Palestine were terrorists" at time of quote 17 thousand of these deaths are children. Vile racist Zionist scum, steer clear and stab on sight.
Chase Lingelbach on Monday May 13, 2024
Kind and fair player who grows by the time. Appreciate playing with you.
Aleksa_bre on Wednesday May 8, 2024
A kind worded dicehead. Probably not a wombat gargler like myself
canadapantsman on Thursday December 14, 2023
very helpful in combating the proxy plague in tourney. :-)
DIVELIZ on Sunday May 21, 2023
Finally a good player
rhcpkid on Wednesday January 25, 2023
good sport of a player. nice person
Created on Monday December 5, 2022
teamplayer with Killroy. so please kill him asap!
Salige on Sunday November 4, 2018
nice player
MrGreenWood on Sunday October 21, 2018
backstabber, dont trust him
xXxJozefxXx on Tuesday October 24, 2017
Honourable player, respect him!
TheREaL on Monday January 9, 2017
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