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Bet you didnt know that, well its true, but it aint, cause i made it up. Who said that? Probably my political opponents, and they dont give a rrriiip about alabama
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YuxxyB on Friday July 19, 2013
Keeps mumbling something about whales? I don't really think he's all there to be honest, not really a great player either. He can't seem to find a way to gain more than 100 points unless pushed into a tourny :P
Brighty on Wednesday January 25, 2012
Better not to trust him.
DoobiusMalcor on Sunday December 4, 2011
A santay sana squash banana
CCSKAOT on Thursday December 1, 2011
Change your avatar.
Ramou on Wednesday August 10, 2011
Something you might like http://wins.failblog.org/2011/08/04/epic-win-photos-nes-tie-win/#comments
Orange Truck on Friday August 5, 2011
dont respesct flags
Pedeeer on Thursday August 4, 2011
Strange player. First tried to protect a cheater player who had just one island, then cried because I killed him to kill the cheater, then, next game, he seems a good player. At last, he wrote a ridiculous review to me saying I am PGA with the cheater who he was protecting. I don't know if he is stupid or is just joking me, I don't know if I must PGE him or not
samu15 on Thursday June 16, 2011
why ???
Fonias on Sunday June 12, 2011
Hai <3
Curtis_1988 on Thursday June 9, 2011
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