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Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant
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i am not racist.
xXLotusXx on Sunday June 17, 2012
wow.. racist..
luvmybabymama on Monday June 11, 2012
so... i like how he said that we were pga... when i was hitting you all game and that was the first game i can ever remember playing with you. why would you have even offered a 2/4 if we had been pga? people who are ridiculous make me angry.
do good anyway on Tuesday June 5, 2012
Really sneaky player. Claims to flag by "implication". Obviously does not respect flags, flip flops all over the place and tries to make out that either people have stabbed him in the back. Also likely PGA with "do good anyway".
tembo on Tuesday June 5, 2012
Fucking slut cunt prick cheats fuck off
Yo mumma on Saturday June 2, 2012
made some awesome move
StabbyMcCutsum on Friday June 1, 2012
hcdug on Thursday May 24, 2012
nice guy) Knows how the game works)
aminal on Thursday May 24, 2012
just pge this stupid cunt...
Gonna4v4U on Thursday May 17, 2012
dont trust him.
roxoria on Saturday May 12, 2012
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