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Not all men are Created equal - Will the Thrill
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That kid brother with tourettes that you feel like you do everything you can to help but still calls you a "cunt"
Rafkrik on Saturday June 27, 2020
I am
Created on Wednesday June 10, 2020
Here is ur $500 bucks
Caesar on Saturday May 30, 2020
Created defended 5v2, 7 to 12, (1,1,1,2,2 to 6,6)
PeteyC on Friday April 3, 2020
Since you seem a smart guy, i give my favorite self-quote : "Every guy generalising is stupid", just saying >.> (and I forgive you for your fault, my friend ;D )
avesano on Sunday January 12, 2020
nice player
MrGreenWood on Wednesday September 25, 2019
Cool guy! I was having fun with him in final of a tournatment.
Plokijuma on Sunday September 22, 2019
pga with lucky loser
jurgen on Friday May 17, 2019
always happy to sit with
Monsanto on Wednesday May 8, 2019
epic player, nice personality too
sw1ft25 on Saturday May 4, 2019
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