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Football was invented so Raiders would have something to do on Sundays
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Hate-speech warning posted. +post Bone-Roller 12:22 AM, Thursday September 23, 2010 EDT
Racist commentary in reviews is not allowed. You have been warned. Please do not do so again. -post Bone-Roller 12:22 AM, Thursday September 23, 2010 EDT

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Don't respect flags.
Schwabba on Tuesday November 9, 2010
We fight for 1/2 he won and destroyed me completely so I get 5th. He don't respect flags.
steinkirsche on Saturday November 6, 2010
stupid bitch and cocksucker
Blasphem on Wednesday November 3, 2010
why does colour* matter?
EspMike on Tuesday October 19, 2010
Enjoyed playing with this guy. A fair player, as far as I can tell. He's got a sense of honor and respect. Other reviews seem kind of harsh... don't know about those. Much hate at the tables these days, there be. :)
InvalidComponent on Thursday October 7, 2010
This boy needed to learn some manners. So I taught the boy some.
r0n on Friday September 24, 2010
dont respect flags! rascist!
themind on Saturday September 18, 2010
A fuckin prick, not a player! DIE, MOTHERFUCKER, DIE!
Symutia on Saturday September 18, 2010
hick. go back to your cabin and fuck your wife/sister/mother.
Harris Tweed on Friday September 17, 2010
poor gay and disgusting racist. kill this pga asshole in sight. dumbass
Rasenheizung on Monday September 13, 2010
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