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Recognized on 9:48 PM, Saturday June 27, 2015 EDT by Pursey
No one would disagree with Loobee deserving a second contributor badge. I'm not typing something excessively lengthy because her reputation precedes her.
Recognized on 12:36 PM, Thursday January 20, 2011 EST by jurgen
My first contributor badge ever goes to Louise. I was saving it and it took me a while because there are thousands of reasons why Louise deserves one. I still can’t narrow it down enough so I will just list a few and see how much space Ryan coded in here: *for being the first female to reach 1M points *simply for being Louise *for being the best player ever with the most positive approach towards competing and gaining points: if she only would have changed her style slightly in order to gain dom or points, she would probably be close to the first place in career ranks by now *for instead choosing to stay true to her own unique play style, despite years of abuse and of more ruthless people taking advantage of her kind and fair play style *for taking all these stolen wins with dignity and with a smile or a joke *for being the only player to flag out in order to not influence a top2 fight or to solve a circle flag situation or to refuse to 2v1, etc in so many situations where almost no-one else would have the honesty to do the same *for always being there for a laugh, for being genuinely friendly towards so many people, for listening to so many people and trying to cheer them up, even when tired or in a stressful situation herself , for caring about so many people *for dragging me through a lot of difficult periods in my life myself and for being the person to make me enjoy Kdice again *for having a great sense of humour, even when tired *for being a wonderful mom, always putting Ruby before Kdice *for seriously making me consider moving to Australia *for being my friend, even when things aren't always simple *for being respected and admired by so many players *for being the most all-round tourney player ever *for having put the most smiles on the most people's faces and for having the most people that are happy to see her when she gets online ….

OK, I could go on forever, so in short: VERY skilled, VERY loved, VERY special

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now he plays under this: 2837449205205
Az_Balu on Friday July 31, 2020
One of very few amazing players in kdice. Understands the game perfectly and keeps his honor
sung2323 on Tuesday January 19, 2016
Love loobs <3
boogybytes on Sunday November 29, 2015
AmericanHist0ryX on Thursday October 8, 2015
Nice chatting to you mate, I forgot why I originally loved this game was the sound, cool folks like yourself to chat with about random musing from various walks of life!
DonnieScribbles on Monday June 22, 2015
I actually am not sure why I don't have a review for you already. Loobee is a longtime and awesome player. :)
Pursey on Monday June 22, 2015
Lalita Lani is a Bitch!
KingRussy on Saturday April 11, 2015
very touchy. i hesitate to use the word "sissy" with all its homophobic freight. let's just say s/he still watches "buffy the vampire slayer" reruns and listens to "one direction". mostly though it is endless pga-ing that makes her/im famous on kdice. that and the lying. boy, the lying! you know that kid with the wolf? no comparison. nixon? worse. republican party makes this one look like honest abe. i mean lie, lie, lie. dresses nicely though. but smells of cheese. and i honestly regret that whole business with you sister. how is she btw?
timquick on Sunday January 18, 2015
Old school proxy account user. Beware!
STJ inc on Sunday December 21, 2014
greeen on Wednesday December 17, 2014
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