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looking for pga buddies. if you're interested give me a call
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Recognized on 10:18 AM, Tuesday June 15, 2010 EDT by Myriad
Savif is a great player whom has few to no ememies (which is rare for one so decorated) and he makes this game a better one through his presence. He is being recognised for the aforementioned reasons.

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I don't think I got through to you yet but I will unban anyway +chat jurgen 8:53 AM, Tuesday September 6, 2011 EDT
I told you I muted you because I got tired of your whining. Maybe you didn't like my ruling after you asked me to ban someone. I spent 10 mins on the case and then listened to your whining for another 15 minutes. I told you I was getting annoyed, yet you deliberately countered my mute by relaying messages through skyler and using an alt. My decision was fair. Sorry you don't like it. But if you push your whining too far, you will get a ban so I won't have to listen to your guilt trips and whining. 1 day - chat. -chat jurgen 7:20 AM, Monday September 5, 2011 EDT
Unbanned. +changeAvatar +play +post MadHat_Sam 11:09 AM, Tuesday May 31, 2011 EDT
requested chat be reinstated +chat Rowdyazell 6:13 PM, Tuesday October 5, 2010 EDT
Player requested ban in perpetuity. -changeAvatar -chat -play -post Myriad 10:18 AM, Tuesday June 15, 2010 EDT

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does not accept flags :-(((
Salige on Sunday August 9, 2015
all good again and congrats for your medals :)
PRESIDENT N° 1 on Thursday November 6, 2014
Lettuce defended 5v1, 6 to 6, (2,1,1,1,1 to 6)
Dude111 on Sunday October 19, 2014
kikidice on Sunday October 5, 2014
Caesar on Sunday September 14, 2014
Almost all of kdice is an enemy of this dude. No wonder, since he is a hater of the worst kind. U dont wanna farm, stab or pge him, cause he never forgets. Ever. People r happy when they find the boogeyman is under their bed, because that means there is no space enough for savif. He. Is. That. Fucking. Badass. U have been warned.
PO2G on Sunday November 25, 2012
Triggerhappy on Wednesday August 29, 2012
not respect flag and manipulator
gogi on Tuesday August 28, 2012
2012-08-04 savif is Level 83 but goes slumming on the 0 tables where apparently he thinks we owe him 1st place. All chat below is verbatim as always. savif is red, I am purple. ++++++++++ Babaroga: realz ---------- Babaroga: hmm nice brown ---------- 3.14159: 11 to 13 ---------- savif: no idea as to why you r still here mr. pie ---------- 3.14159: 11 13 ---------- 3.14159: ah, no idea ---------- savif: clearly you had nothing to do other then ruin my 1st ########## ---------- 3.14159: trying to, yes ---------- savif: so take your 5 and go ---------- 3.14159: savif, if you don't know, we play for one of three things... ---------- 3.14159: (and don't cry) ---------- 3.14159: (1) 1st place ---------- 3.14159: (2) some other place ---------- 3.14159: (3) revenge ---------- 3.14159: that is all ---------- savif: well no matter what you played for you lost ---------- 3.14159: ah, did i? ---------- 3.14159: you said i cost you 1st, right? ---------- savif: i might still have it ---------- 3.14159: yes, you might ---------- savif: but you will have 5 no matter what ---------- 3.14159: savif, you have almost no imagination--clearly ---------- savif: that's me. mr. no imagination ---------- 3.14159: you high level guys who "slum" on the 0 tables are almost all alike ---------- 3.14159: self-centered, arrogant--with no justification ---------- savif: oops ---------- 3.14159: and you almost canNOT play without spoken and unspoken truces ---------- 3.14159: you don't know how to play without them ---------- savif: man u whine so bad ---------- 3.14159: you are the whiner ---------- 3.14159: i am just stating facts ---------- savif: *winner ---------- 3.14159: i only play the 0 tables, so i don't care about stuff you care deeply about ---------- 3.14159: you care very deeply about your medals ---------- savif: lol ---------- 3.14159: what are you without them? ---------- savif: u clearly don't know me ---------- 3.14159: then don't worry about it ---------- 3.14159: if that makes you feel better ---------- savif: do i look worried? ---------- 3.14159: you look... pained ---------- savif: and please, stop being so full of yourself. its just a lame virtual game ---------- 3.14159: so lame? let us count your medals ---------- savif: medals don't mean anything, just maybe that i gained more points ---------- 3.14159: the game means nothing--your actions mean everything ---------- 3.14159: how you play, how you treat others, how you chat--THAT is what counts ---------- 3.14159: it shows your... breeding ---------- savif: sigh, u still have no clue bout me... ---------- 3.14159: sigh :) I WIN! ---------- savif: yet you think you know all bout me ---------- 3.14159: i don't know anything about you but what i see here ---------- 3.14159: i just you by your actions here ---------- 3.14159: judge ---------- savif: well you need to stop judging so much ---------- savif: try to have a bit more fun ---------- Babaroga: lol ---------- Babaroga: brown ---------- Babaroga: zou flag 3 ---------- 3.14159: who shall judge? the people shall judge ---------- 3.14159: who said that? ---------- Babaroga: whz zou screw mz game ---------- 3.14159: anyone know? ---------- 3.14159: i already told red, blue ---------- 3.14159: (3) revenge ---------- 3.14159: but it is nice to take the air out of red's win--thanks brown ---------- Babaroga: damn red ---------- Babaroga: brown help you ---------- savif: well purp helped you so we r even :D ---------- 3.14159: yes, i was a big help :) ---------- Babaroga: you are so poor ---------- 3.14159: red is slumming--that excuses all his behavior don't you know? ---------- Babaroga: nice ---------- 3.14159: nice comeback blue ---------- Babaroga: bye ---------- Babaroga: looser ---------- 3.14159: i guess i DID win, red ---------- savif: nice luck man ########## ---------- 3.14159: "luck"--see? high level guys NEVER lose 3.14159: they just have bad luck ---------- 3.14159: red, you do see how pathetic that "luck" comment makes you, right? ---------- 3.14159: avoid it in the future ---------- 3.14159: gg all ---------- Babaroga: :) ---------- savif: guess that you r happy now mr. pie. go celebarte ---------- 3.14159: i am happy when people are NOT jerks, so no, i am not happy with you around ---------- 3.14159: i don't care about the game if that is what you are referring to ---------- savif: and yes 47.5% luck vs 53.1% is considered bad luck :D ########## ########## [Note: Doubling-down on his "luck" excuse, savif cannot stop himself from making excuses. You see, he is supposed to win every game. He is Level 83, if you didn't know that.] ---------- 3.14159: by the way, speaking of whining--as you did--i have never seen anyone BANNED for whining as you have been ---------- 3.14159: good job ---------- savif: lol you waste so much energy on hate man ---------- 3.14159: gee, i bet no one else has ever had bad luck, savif ---------- 3.14159: only you ---------- 3.14159: hate? does the garbage man hate the garbage? no ---------- 3.14159: he just does his job of getting rid of it ---------- 3.14159: i don't hate you ---------- 3.14159: guys like you will always be with us ---------- 3.14159: no reason to hate that ---------- 3.14159: we just have to abide--we in the 97% ---------- 3.14159: not you in the 3% ---------- savif: lol ok. anything else you wanna say that i don't know? ---------- 3.14159: lol ---------- 3.14159: rofl ---------- 3.14159: lmao ---------- 3.14159: pick one ---------- 3.14159: the big point in all of this: if you are NOT embarrassed by your actions... ---------- 3.14159: if you are NOT wondering about how faulty you are... ---------- 3.14159: why are you listening to me at all? ---------- savif: cause you r funny ---------- 3.14159: that is, most NON-guilty people would ignore me ---------- 3.14159: but you must be feeling guilty ---------- 3.14159: ashamed ---------- savif: lol even funnier ---------- 3.14159: embarrassed ---------- 3.14159: maybe so, but you will NEVER forget this day ---------- savif: lmao ---------- 3.14159: you will be 70 and thinking, "I wonder what i could have done differently?" ---------- 3.14159: "that guy sure nailed me" ---------- 3.14159: there you go ---------- savif: you should get a show, you're really funny ---------- 3.14159: whistle past the graveyard, savif ---------- 3.14159: that is expected ---------- 3.14159: we in the 97% know all about you 3%ers ---------- 3.14159: what do you say we PGE, savif? ---------- 3.14159: how about it? ---------- savif: as if i will bother to pge you lol ########## ---------- 3.14159: so you don't care either way? ---------- 3.14159: good for you! ---------- savif: ofc not ########## ---------- 3.14159: excellent--well don't mind me if i do PGE you, okay? ---------- Buttwank: I'm gonna pge everyone this game ---------- Buttwank: suck it nerds ---------- savif: you r not even annoying, not to mention making me angry, just a funny guy so there's no reason to pge you ########## ---------- 3.14159: your are so above it all, savif--teach us more, master ---------- G00PY: that would be nice ---------- kluczitsu: yeah ---------- savif: corrent me if i'm wrong but its you who claims to know it all ########## [Note: savif whines! I win.] ---------- kluczitsu: was close ---------- 3.14159: i don't know what gave you THAT silly idea, savif ---------- 3.14159: you don't like being called out for your bad behavior, we get that ---------- Buttwank: pge for life blue ---------- 3.14159: but i hardly know anything, savif ---------- 3.14159: maybe a lot more than you, savif, but hardly anything at all ---------- savif: well for someone who doesn't know much you certenley talk a lot ########## [Note: Certainly?] ---------- Buttwank: wow ---------- 3.14159: well, you know the answer to THAT--mute me ---------- savif: but if i mute you i won't enjoy that funnyness of yours ---------- 3.14159: oh, wait--i am too funny, right... ---------- 3.14159: good sounding excuse, savif ---------- 3.14159: we don't believe you, but okay ---------- savif: lol ---------- 3.14159: rofl ---------- 3.14159: lmao ---------- 3.14159: lol ---------- 3.14159: pick one G00PY: I will go withlmao ---------- 3.14159: that's a good one ---------- kluczitsu: omg ---------- savif: tough choice... ---------- l3roken: and no i decide if i want to kill you ---------- l3roken: now* ---------- 3.14159: take you time, savif--it IS tough for you ---------- kluczitsu: with what ---------- 3.14159: we understand
3.14159 on Sunday August 5, 2012
doesnt respect flags
MarquisDaniels on Sunday July 8, 2012
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