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I confirm not leaving kill after long-wound game.
generalissimus S on Wednesday December 4, 2019
Does not get flags on purpose, likely to not give a kill. The games we had today were no fun. I'd suggest to handle this one with care.
Louis Cypher on Friday September 6, 2019
Flagged me, then stabbed pretending he wasn't sure I accepted after I let him fight for second.
samcormack on Wednesday November 21, 2018
I won't get why you had to go all on one, but I'll keep it in mind
Mrs. M on Sunday September 30, 2018
Nice player!
ChrisMorrisCo on Saturday March 28, 2015
respected flags and gave kill
eurasianbro on Tuesday December 16, 2014
just kill this guy at all costs. he would not consent to roll in a ridiculously choked map, ended having to go over 100 rounds...fucking nonsensical fuck
cujo jr on Wednesday June 18, 2014
kkbomb on Wednesday June 11, 2014
will definitely just kill this guy.. will let u think he's truced with u and then turn on u when convinient. don't trust
Amoos on Friday May 23, 2014
fair player- didn't join two other assholes who wanted to pga and take my 1st lol thanks
RoxyCher on Thursday May 22, 2014
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