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mzm on Saturday September 21, 2019
pga with eddyb--also a flag stabber
Drucifer85 on Tuesday December 22, 2015
Do not trust this guy
Supersnor on Monday September 28, 2015
generalissimus S on Wednesday July 8, 2015
A really poor player that needs to learn the game.
Oliversdad on Sunday July 13, 2014
The story was true,some exaggerated compliments -:), thank you
poli24 on Wednesday October 20, 2010
We were on a small 500 level board and were in a tight squeeze from round 1, with an overbearing leader eating up everything. Poli24 in the middle of the growing opponents worked alongside me with no mention of our decision not to fight each other. He survived and lived to last round and made epic smart moves throughout the game to ensure our victory. He deserved 1st for rocking the center, but alas immature players on the board tag-teamed and messed up all his work. Epic player through and through, thanks for showing me true epicness.
DeanVenture on Monday October 18, 2010
Backstabber, don't trust his flags.
Charlie Day on Thursday October 14, 2010
He's not Jewish btw.
PGA wit your mom on Tuesday February 9, 2010
no backbone... little chickenshit i agree with the last three... whines... jew... jerk
oranje on Sunday February 7, 2010
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