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nice guy and good player
Fraghunter on Sunday September 15, 2019
un marica indepe illo que quieres que te ponga jajaja
miguelsala on Tuesday August 13, 2019
STABBER! DONT ever take his flag!
landi on Friday August 9, 2019
Don't respect flags in round 2. good playa
Zuma on Monday December 26, 2016
fun, fair and clever !
avesano on Wednesday December 21, 2016
had an epic battle :) good man...keep it up
swatti on Monday October 24, 2016
good playa
DarkoPancev on Wednesday October 5, 2016
Hey eljavi. Nothing personal on killing you. When you flagged me, I had a shot to 1 hit kill you, and I took it. If you continue to play higher level tables, you'll find that flagging is rare. If a flag is put out, the entire table often will counter immediately. Rather than flag, hold your ground and play for the win. People respect that type of gameplay. See you around!
trshipp1 on Tuesday September 27, 2016
good player CU
Gnu 58 on Monday September 26, 2016
eljavi on Saturday September 3, 2016
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