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pathetic player: when he lost he tries to waste games for fun.
OviloN on Wednesday July 29, 2009
nice guy, reflagged to allow game to flow - need more like him - top bloke Bob :)
GoldBadger on Wednesday July 8, 2009
nice player
VincentL on Wednesday July 8, 2009
it was a joke!
Mishel on Wednesday July 8, 2009
Salford Bob on Tuesday July 7, 2009
shittalking idiot.
Unknown Pornstar on Tuesday July 7, 2009
Yes Sir Bob! FTW!
Filea on Wednesday January 14, 2009
Not very honorable, says he'll flag 2nd then proceeds to snipe low lands while I do the real fighting. Then proceeds to fight for 1st
Fadekyn on Tuesday January 13, 2009
fair and good player
JEBL on Monday January 12, 2009
oh sorry that should read 'a bit of a cunt'
stinkydude on Thursday December 18, 2008
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