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Recognized on 2:21 AM, Monday April 4, 2011 EDT by jurgen
It's more than time to give you a well deserved 2nd contributor badge. I was stalling it a bit to be able to give it on your birthday :P. So first of all: Happy Birthday Cheanne! There are plenty of reasons why you deserve this + but I will limit myself to the top 3. 1) For making the Danish version of the rules and guides section. It's unfortunate that Ryan did not make a good spot to put it in because it's a pity of all your hard work. 2) For being such an amazing player. You are one of those great ex-retired players that I am so glad about that you came back to spice up this game. You were back at the top within a week of play. It truly shows that your game style does not need connections or friends to be successful. It's sad to see that some guys are so afraid that they need to resort to help from pge's or IP bombs to fight a girl. Maybe one day you will be able to overcome all the bullshit and win a well deserved gold. In my eyes you are already golden for what you have achieved so far. 3) I think you would make a great and well motivated mod. So this + will also serve as my official nomination for you as an advisor. +++++++++++++
Recognized on 6:06 PM, Saturday September 19, 2009 EDT by quickcut
Player has taken their time to help teach players the basic fundamentals of the game along with telling people about the website and trying to attract new users, compliments of these cards suck :)

This player has been modded by the community

+ play , sorry I banned you, it was ment as a joke. FOR THE RECORD: Skyler did not cheat at all here, I was just having some fun with her +play jurgen 10:55 AM, Thursday March 10, 2011 EST
-24h play as agreed on -play jurgen 10:42 AM, Thursday March 10, 2011 EST

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very talented, but if you play with on a table of established known players she will favour them over you, not so much trucing as just 50/50s against you when the other player was probably more reasonable to attack but she knows them
Cameron Lucas on Thursday July 3, 2014
You were right about the last tournament, so i came here to give my apologies.
Isidoro on Thursday June 5, 2014
very polite girl, honourable player. didnt even backstabb on 5k though she had the possibility to do so... ty mate!
the die on Tuesday May 13, 2014
stupid guy he has no moral and beginnings plis guys dont trust him plis.
Yepa on Monday May 12, 2014
stupid guy he has no moral and beginnings plis guys dont trust him plis.
Marlon Castillo on Thursday April 24, 2014
I like the guy, thought he was fair and trustworthy, kept his flag in the tourney when he could of killed me
Vertiglug on Tuesday April 8, 2014
You would't even sit down at my table cause you were afraid of losing points to my PGE. You are a joke...You can have my virtual points.
Gauntlet15 on Saturday March 29, 2014
I dont say this often but HORRIBLE LYING BACKSTABBER. KIll this guy on site- flagged and stabbed TWICE BRUTALLY on 2k. BOTH TIMES COSTING ME FIRST PLACE
rushwing on Saturday March 29, 2014
Trucer and Lier!! just kill him early
Go Home! on Sunday March 23, 2014
Friendly player! Great fun!
fishhook on Tuesday March 18, 2014
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