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cadpilot on Wednesday July 11, 2012
no respect to flags
Virlomi on Thursday July 29, 2010
nice guy, fought a fair fight and was honorable. keep playing! A+
Jeff Lebowski on Monday May 31, 2010
pga player
Bonululu on Saturday May 22, 2010
luckster on Saturday May 15, 2010
ruined my fight for 3rd without flagging to the other "3rd-place-fighter"....he had 2 terrs..and started attacking me bc i attacked him earlier after he flagged to others but not to me....than said hes going for 4th...and attacked me during i was still fighting for 3rd...i had to reflag, bc i couldnt fight 2 player... he waited till i was reflagged for 4th, than rised his flag 4th too and got lucky to kill me...i got 5th....at least i could save his day... (ironic)
Mrs. M on Wednesday May 5, 2010
flags 4th and attacks 3rd while having his flag accepted => BACKSTABBER
OviloN on Wednesday May 5, 2010
mike. im black andi dont pga i just PGE nova crybaby
h4ksubagsu on Friday April 23, 2010
pga with DrunkDaShiVa dont trust him
novajlija on Friday April 23, 2010
racist and pga, what more to say?
EspMike on Friday April 23, 2010
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