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Hero On Time on Tuesday October 3, 2017
@Hero... u don't need connected - both offered flags and u win - ur connect rouined game.
ananasq on Tuesday October 3, 2017
wichity grub
greeen on Monday September 25, 2017
Ringo came and took his place on top of me, while the third boy, who was more reserved than the other two, rested on one elbow beside us and ran his hand over my upper body. Ringo's body was very different from Andre's, and I liked it better. He was taller, more wiry, and one of those men who isolate the action of the pelvis from the rest of the body, who thrust without smothering, supporting their torso with their arms. But Andre seemed more mature to me, his flesh was not so spare, he already had less hair and I liked going to sleep bundled up next to him with my buttocks against his belly, telling him we were a perfect fit.
Dick Tucker on Wednesday June 14, 2017
Faceofcfab on Thursday June 8, 2017
terrible player and arrogant as hell when in 1st at 0table: has all flags, but doesn't let me and yell fight for kill, forces us to roll 5/6 (which is complete shit)- just to give 4th to Probehas - who didn't deserve 4th more than yell or me, ignoring another player mentioned we should roll at least 4/6. dirty player who will be remembered for sure
Mrs. M on Sunday October 4, 2015
idiot fuck you mother prostitute im add moron dont respect flag asholle!
bivo on Sunday March 22, 2015
do good anyway on Saturday May 12, 2012
Truces are part of the game - learn to live with it
rednttautology on Saturday November 26, 2011
good dude.
leonflintleon on Saturday August 6, 2011
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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