Same Old Vik :P

Scottish and proud ........ (no i don't eat haggis everyday whilst wearing a kilt! :P)
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About: Sing like no one's listening
Dance like no one's watching
and never regret the things you do, only the things you don't!
Life's to short to worry about stupid stuff and to hold grudges!
Move on and learn from it :D

I love my gpokr friends, each and everyone of you. And know that, just because your not here so often, never means your forgotten, the memories will last a lifetime "(W (:0 zero face), jan (my aussie girlfriend) Jess (my ugly twin) Lynnn (momma) and A, always the truest (zozozozo) )"

Del, my bestest friend on here or ... mr backstabber as some would like to think (Irish Twat), Rhioooooooo, Merrrrr, Madddieeeee, KKKKKKK, Robiiiinnnnn, FBM, and not ever forgetting Missss Leiiiiiiiiiiiii (xo) Mr C, CC ,Day, Pebs, Debs, 0lfy, Greg (all the member tourney dudes and dudettes, always makes it a great laugh to play em, even when i'm in bubbbbble trubbbllleeee) and soooooooo many more i just don't have room to mention, you are the best! Even the idiots can't taint my addiction :) x

And for all of you who don't like me, tough, i'm goin nowhere .... try ...... and see if they give a sh*t!!

LIVE life LOVE gpokr!

In the words of William Wallace (well kinda)
You can take my chips but you can never take my FREEDOM!!! :D x

Hope you enjoyed reading my wee 'about me', i truly believe not enough people fill their ones in, c'mon guys! Tell us about you :P ..... Whatcha got to hide?? ......... :P

City: Bonny Scotland of course
Country: United Kingdom
Sex: Female
Age: 50

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